Independent research is the backbone of the Home Quality Mark (HQM).


As part of the Home Quality Mark's development, BRE has conducted and commissioned a number of research projects:

  • Market research - a variety of householders have been asked about the issues that are important to them.
  • Technical research - including widespread consultations with the housing industry, which is still ongoing
  • First house - lessons will be learnt form the first house to be assessed against the HQM standard

See below for examples of this research.


Market Research

Three studies were undertaken to investigate what factors influence people's choice of home, what people think about living in a 'sustainable' home and how renters and buyers would react to having a quality rating tool for homes.

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Technical Research

As part of the development of the Home Quality Mark (HQM) technical research and consultations have been undertaken that are helping to form the technical background and structure of the HQM.

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E4 brick house

First house

The Wienerberger E4 Brick house, at BRE Watford's Innovation Park, is being used to test the Home Quality Mark Standards. It is the first house to be built with the HQM standard in mind.

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