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The Home Quality Mark (HQM) is the UK's leading standard for new-build, quality and sustainable homes and it's going through an update.

HQM homes are independently assessed by building experts and certified by an independent body, so you can trust that homes are designed, built and most importantly perform to high standards, as soon as you move in.

To help you make your decision, all HQM homes are given an overall rating out of 5 stars, and three scores for key aspects of the home: running costs, health and wellbeing, and environmental footprint.





This is your chance to share your experiences, to help us understand what would help you make confident decisions when buying or renting a newly built home. To share your views, please complete our survey (closes 9th of February, 2018): 

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The survey should take no more than 15-20 minutes or if you opt in to answer the optional technical parts of the survey, will take longer depending on how many topics you want to share your thoughts on. 


You should be able to complete the survey over more than one session, as long as you use the same computer and browser you used to start the survey and complete it by the deadline (09/02/18).

For a summary of the changes being made to HQM, see here:



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