The Wienerberger E4 Brick House

E4 brick house E4 brick house3


 Work started in February 2015 on the latest inspirational building to be constructed at the BRE Innovation Park in Watford. The Wienerberger e4 brick house™, designed in conjunction with Arup, will be one of the first houses built to achieve the new Home Quality Mark launched at Ecobuild in March 2015.

The design and construction of the three bedroom detached house focuses on the four pillars of Wienerberger's global e4 concept – energy, economy, environment and emotion. It uses a fabric first approach with a clay building envelope delivering a house that has reduced energy needs – meaning lower running costs for the home owner.

Speaking at the launch Paul Surin, Head of Built Environment for Wienerberger said, "We believe there is a synergy between e4 and the Home Quality Mark, for example in terms of promoting health, wellbeing and quality of life, with a focus on the end user". Further comments from Paul Surin can be seen on video here.

BRE Business Development Director Miles Watkins said, "We are very pleased the Wienerberger e4 brick house has come to the Innovation Park, and to have it pilot the new Home Quality Mark. In the UK we have a critical need for quality, affordable, sustainable homes that can be delivered with speed. We are currently managing to deliver 125,000 housing units against the estimated 250,000 required – homes like the e4 can help us close the gap"

Richard Brown, Category Marketing Manager at Wienerberger and project lead for e4, commented: "We are delighted to be building an e4 house at the BRE Innovation Park. The Innovation Park is home to some of the world's finest examples of sustainable buildings, landscape designs and hundreds of pioneering low carbon materials and technologies. This is the perfect setting to showcase the Wienerberger e4 Brick House concept."

The Wienerberger e4 brick house is due for completion in early Spring, and there will be an official opening in June.



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